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New CD release APRIL 18 - BOOM with Luis Conte / Pete Lockett


A quick recap on a few of the highlights of 2017. Early in Jan Pete was honoured to perform in LA at the memorial for the late industry legend, Joe Hibbs. He was also interviewed by Dom Famularo for the SESSIONS artist series. (YouTube link at bottom). Then Pete went straight out to India for the Mumbai drum day and a solo performance in Chennai. Around this time he was made a global ambassador of the ATV company who make aDrums and the aFrame. This new cutting edge development in electronic percussion will be a huge success very soon. Pete then spent a few days in Porto with the ATV team and UK percussion legend, Karl Vanden Bosch, to shoot some promo videos for the ATV launch.

February saw the release of Pete's duo album with Tabla master, Fazal Qureshi on the prestigious SAREGAMA label in India. Then Pete was out in Madrid to start work on a new collaboration with Cajon master, Jose Montana. Around this time the final mixes for the duo album with Pete and Luis Conte started to filter through. Watch this space for a release date on that one. Next up was a mini tour in Germany, supported by the Gewa company. It started in Berlin at Drum-Trainer, then off to Online Lessons in the south for a heavy few days shooting tutorials and percussion courses. Then the mini trip wound up with a solo slot at Pop Akademie, one of the most innovative music education institutions anywhere in the world. Then, after a few days at home it was out to Lisbon and Madrid for a few solo events. Following this was a week long drum festival in the south of Italy. Bring on the sunshine.

August saw Pete heading out to Vancouver to be interviewed and perform for a great in-depth, six part percussion documentary that will hit the TV sometime in 2019. Great to catch up with old friends in Nanaimo. Then, after the Algam show with ATV there were drum festival solo performances in Zurich, The Hague and Krakow. These were the first events since Pete switched over to LP percussion. Lots of interesting things to follow with that. After this Pete spent a couple of weeks in the studio finishing one of his Indian based projects for Audio Network. He also started work on a new duo project with Japanese master drummer, Kaoru Watanabe of Kodo fame. Towards the end of the year Pete was out at Pop Akademie again for the World drum festival and then over to Sri Lanka for the Bera-Fest with the great Sri Lankan group, Naadro. With some additional relaxed time off by the beach, Pete also managed to complete a new drum book which will be released in China in 2018 in conjunction with a country wide tour. Pete also featured on Noel Gallaghers album release towards the end of 2017.

Pete is proud to announce that he has signed with LP percussion.

Special thanks to all my supporting companies, LP, SABIAN, MAPEX, REMO, VIC FIRTH & ATV. You are AMAZING!


Towards the end of 2015, Pete was performing solo at the China Drum Summit and Shanghai drum festival. He also lectured at the Shanghai Conservatory, where he is a guest professor. Then it was off to LA for video recordings with Drum Channel, studio recordings with Thomas Lang and a live performance with the great Hands On'Semble He also spent some time with LA percussionist Luis Conte, starting up a duo recording project set for release in 2016.

Then, Pete was in India with Rakesh Charausia and musicians of Rajasthan before studio sessions with David Holmes and Noel Gallagher. Then he was off to Dubai to perform with Santoor maestro, Rahul Sharma. During this time DrumJam app was released in the Galaxy store for Android. There was also more time in the studio, working on a percussion album with Lea Mullen, Mino Cinelu and Luis Conte. This will also be due out in 2016. Pete's new percussion beaters 'COG' and 'ZINGER' are also now available fresh from the first production run. More on this HERE!

Then it was out to Havana for the Cuba drum festival where he performed solo and also live with Brenda Navarrette and Alex Acuna. From there is was back to India with Tabla greats Anindo Chattterjee and Anubrata Chatterjee. Then Pete had a ten date solo tour in the UK.

Then it was out to Portugal to perform solo at Dia do Ritmo, Portugal and then over to Spain to start developing a new project with Cajon great, Jose Montana. Next up, Germany and a big week teaching and performing at the Tamburi Mundi frame drum festival. Here one of the highlights of the year for me, a duet with percussionist and composer, Zohar Fresco. This was quickly followed by another highlight of the year where I performed with Steve Gadd and Horacio Hernandez at the Croatia drum festival. Then over to Germany for the Creativ drum camp for solo show and a trio with Claus Hessler and Gabor Dornyei. A lot of fun being there for the week. Then it was time for studio and video work. I was in the studio doing Noel Gallaghers new album, David Holmes and a project with Indian sitar great, Purbayan Chatterjee, Rhythm Shaw and Dominiqe Dipiazza. Then some video and photo sessions with Sabian cymbals and the finishing touches to my new duo album with Fazal Qureshi which comes out on Saregama in India early 2017. Soon after this I was off to Athens for a solo show and recording / shooting video for a new project with Greek contemporary band, Triplicity and Panos Vassilopoulos.


This was followed by a small clinic tour in Canada and a few days in the studio filming and recording for the amazing online drum website, Drumeo. Being a great wine lover, going out to the Rioja drum festival after this was a great pleasure. Then off to Wienfelden in Switzerland for Solo stuff, Duo with drum legend, Russ Miller and an impromptu performance with Vibes great Mike Mainiri. Then out to Ukraine for a solo presentation and back home with a fist full of Avios air miles! After a bit more time in the studio with Noel Gallagher, it is finally time for a holiday with my lovely wife Pam. We can reflect on our respective years and feel grateful that once again I was voted high on the readers polls in USA and UK. Thankful and blessed to have a life of musical variety and all the great friends that go with that.


Earlier in 2015. In Febuary Pete was the first Westerner to be featured in the Idea Jalsa Tour in India with the great Selva Ganesh, Swaminathan Ganesh and Niladri Kumar. He also was honoured to receive the Pandit Jasraj award for cultural contributions in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Hyderabad.


Following this, he was then in Mumbai for an amazing trio performance with the legendary Anindo Chatterjee and his son Anubrata. He also did a clinic for Mapex at Furtados in Mumbai and got to spend some great down time in Benares.


In March Pete was delighted to be voted Percussionist and World Percussionist of 2015 in the DRUM magazine poll in the USA. Then Pete joined forces with Russ Miller for a performance on the Agora stage at the Frankfurt Music Messe before heading to Austria for the Colours of Percussion festival.


After appearing on the entertaining Mike Dolbear TV show with Lea Mullen, Pete was off to Poland for the Bydgoszcz Drum fest. This was followed by a whistle stop tour of Asia. First off, South Korea, then Taiwan and the great TIPSC Summer camp. Then China for the incredible 9Beats summer camp which was held on a cruise ship between China and Japan. Pete also did an extensive series of education videos for the excellent 9Beats app. Noteworthy was how Pete narrowly avoided the exchange of artillery fire in Korea, the devastating typhoon in Taiwan and was even in Tianjin when the huge chemical explosion happened.

pic pic

In September Pete popped over to Norway for a clinic at the Alain Charmoille drum school in Tonsberg. Coming up, China, India, Italy and Argentina!! Pete would also like to announce that he has joined forces with 'Expanding Hands Music' to release two of his percussion bows. Watch this space for more info with that one.



The last third of 2014 was a busy one for Pete and featured two new releases. On the CD front there was 'RHYTHM SPHERE' with legendary LA drummer, Russ Miller, also featuring Rajhesh Vaidhya on Veena. Check out Russ and Pete live at Pasic 14 HERE

CD dvd

Then there was a DVD release with Hungarian drummer Gabor Dornyei. Filmed in Hungary by leading filmmaker, Róbert Zoltán, 'RHYTHM FRONTIER' is a real video feast of drums and percussion. Check the trailer by clicking the DVD cover above.


The stage with the tribal drummers

Pete was then in India for an amazing gala performance featuring some of India’s finest classical musicians of the last fifty years. Pete played solo and also got the chance to perform with the great Pandit Jasraj and Hariprasad Chaurasia. Then it was back to the UK for a solo tour of arts centres, including Kings Place in London and Bramall Hall in Birmingham. In January, Pete was back in India for an incredible show featuring more than fifty tribal drummers from the Chhattisgarh district in India. Along with Swaminathan Ganesh, Anubruta Chatterjee and Ghatam Udupa, the team put on a continuous one hour jugalbandi which was broadcast live nationwide on Indian TV. Then Pete was off to LA for the yearly winter NAMM show where he did performances for Remo percussion.



Pete was also busy touring, including appearances at drum festivals in Romania, Hungary, USA and Holland. In the USA, Pete played solo at Vic’s drum shop in Chicago, before heading out for a ballroom performance with Russ Miller at Pasic 14. Then it was off to China for the Beijing Drum Summit and the Shanghai Drum Show. Here, Pete had the honour of being made Honorary Professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Check out Pete's new Mapex drums HERE! with the 12" X 2" bass drum. Note, there is no kick drum played with the foot.

Pete kicked off 2014 with a trip to India and performances with the great Bickram Ghosh, before going off to NAMM in LA for product demos and performances with Remo percussion. Pete was then in the video studio with percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger and their new duo project, TIMELINE.

Next Pete was out in Barcelona brainstorming a new project with Spanish percussionist Xavi Turrell from Ojos DeBrujo. More to follow on that. Pete's Vic Firth signature stick was also voted #! Signature stick 2014 in DRUM Magazine in the USA. Next it was India again, starting out with a performance in Mumbai with drummer Phil Maturano and saxophonist George Brooks. They then travelled over to Chennai where Pete gave lectures at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music as well as a duo performance with Phil Maturano. Around this time Pete was honored to be voted #2 World Percussionist in Modern Drummer magazine.

When back in the UK, Pete released his first novel, a science fiction offering entitled 'A Survivor's Guide to Eternity'. Released on Mirador publishing, it received very positive reviews and there have been numerous press features, including an hour-long BBC special on the Mike Read show. It is available at leading bookstores and online as paperback and kindle.

Spring saw a massive update of Pete's DrumJam app, released in partnership with Sonorsaurus. With double the content and loads of new bells and whistles, the app soared into the top five in 40 countries. Pete also gave a lecture and solo evening performance at Southampton University in Hampshire. Back in London, this was followed by a Skype master-class for the percussion students at Arizona university in the USA.

A trip to Hungary followed this, where Pete headlined the CeglÚd drum gala along with great Hungarian drummer Gabor Dornyei. They then spent two days in the video studio recording a Blu-ray DVD, 'RHYTHM FRONTIER' which will be released later in 2014. Next up - Pete gave a Master-class and performance at Hanover University and played solo at the Manchester drum show in the UK.

Pete then spent time mixing and recording for two new collaborative albums, one with Tabla master Fazal Qureshi and the other with LA based drum guru, Russ Miller. The album with Russ - RHYTHM-SPHERE - will feature a whole play along 'music minus 1' disk, besides the actual audio release. Also featured on the album is Veena master Rajhesh Vaidhya. Pete also spent time in the studio working on a new album for Indian mandolin maestro, U Rajhesh.

Pete is proud to announce he topped the 2014 World percussionist readers poll in American drum magazine DRUM! It is a great honor and means a great deal when people recognize ones music.


Next up Pete was off to Romania for a solo performance at the Romanian drum fest. Coming later in the year are solo UK dates, Pasic in Indianapolis with Russ Miller, the China drum show, the Cajon fest in Holland and a performance in India with the great Mandolin maestro, U Srinivas. Sometime towards the end of the year Pete features with drumming legend Michael Shrieve on his new album. Also featured are Airto, Zakir Hussain, Olatunji, Jack DeJohnette, Amom Tobin and Trey Gunn amongst others.


In July 13 Pete launched a new CD on Times Music / Melting Pot productions. 'Made in Kolkata' features the great Tabla master Pandit Shankar Ghosh and was released in Kolkata by the great Bickram Ghosh. Click HERE to check out a few tracks on the Times web site. Plenty of percussion and Sarod. The launch was part of a solo tour which saw Pete perform solo in Chennai, Kolkata and in Mumbai's great Blue Frog club. Before that Pete had been performing at the Royal College percussion day in London and recording strings at Abbey Road on his next project with Pam Chowhan and Audio Network.

In August Pete was the cover feature for the special percussion edition of the Italian DRUMSET magazine. Click the cover above for more.

NATURAL LIGHT. Check out Pete's full featured interview in iDrumMag. Over an hour of interview footage and twenty min of exclusive performances. Click on the pic above.  Don't miss Pete live with Russ Miller at this year's London Drum show. Two days at Olympia with a mega line up!!

In January 13 Pete was out at Namm in LA with Remo and Vic Firth. He was proud to launch his new signature sticks, 'DrumJammer' by Vic Firth. They are an all-in-one versatile solution that is great on kit, percussion or electronic drums. A small acorn for defined cymbal work and a long tapered shaft make them great for 'rimless' drums. Watch this space for more info.


















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