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This guide represents a completely transparent approach to learning Indian Tabla. The guide covers the subject in such a way as to make the techniques and rhythmic frameworks totally accessible to anyone. It comes with all examples represented by mp3.

The guide starts by covering a brief history with general information on the instrument with sections on playing styles, the phonetic vocal system and cultural setting. The reader learns the individual strokes on the drums with concise yet detailed descriptions along with photos.

Each new stroke is introduced and is then incorporated into a set of patterns combining it with other strokes learnt up to that point. No knowledge of sight-reading is required for these patterns.

The guide is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in playing tabla, whether they want to pursue a full classical study of the instrument, or just simply learn a few basic patterns and sounds for a session or two, or even just for fun at home. The guide is designed to be easily accessible and to open the door of tabla playing for everyone.

Read the PDF guide whilst you listen to the musical examples clearly demonstrated at different tempos, from very, very slow to medium tempo.

The guide is copyright but totally free, so if you feel your benefiting from it, why not support the cause and buy one of my CD's.

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  theme 01 ex2.mp3
  theme 01 ex3.mp3
  theme 01 ex4.mp3
  theme 01 speed 2.mp3
  theme 01 speed 3.mp3
  theme 02 ex1.mp3
  theme 02 ex2.mp3
  theme 02 ex3.mp3
  theme 02 ex4.mp3
  theme 02 ex5.mp3
  theme 02 speed 2.mp3
  theme 02 speed 3.mp3
  theme 03 ex1.mp3
  theme 03 ex2.mp3
  theme 03 ex3.mp3
  theme 03 speed 2.mp3
  theme 03 speed 3.mp3
  theme 04 ex 1.mp3
  theme 04 ex 2.mp3
  theme 04 ex 3.mp3
  theme 04 ex 4.mp3
  theme 04 ex 5.mp3
  theme 05 ex 1.mp3
  theme 05 ex 2.mp3
               theme 05 ex 3.mp3
               theme 05 ex4.mp3
               theme 05 ex 5.mp3
               theme 05 speed 2.mp3
               theme 05 speed 3.mp3
               theme 06 ex 1.mp3
               theme 06 ex 2.mp3
               theme 06 ex 3.mp3
               theme 06 ex 4.mp3
               theme 06 ex 5.mp3
               theme 07 ex 1.mp3
               theme 07 ex 2.mp3
               theme 07 ex 3.mp3
               theme 07 ex 4.mp3
               theme 07 speed 2.mp3
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